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The Story About Three Best Friends

Client: Self-initiated

Language: English


The goal of the project was to develop a touching story, supported by bold illustrations. Due to design being my main passion, the story itself may not be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, nevertheless, I have done my best to express the idea through the visual elements.



Layout Designer





The process consisted of choosing the main real-life story, which in this case was a long hiking trail. Following that, I have chosen a few key moments which could be represented visually. Upon sketching on paper, it was traced using Adobe Illustrator with a 3D effect added in Photoshop later on.

Final Design

A small and sentimental gift was created for a group of three best friends. In order to remind them of the power of their friendship, the story was developed based on a real-life event, with a little bit of magic added to engage with the story.

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