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VKT Website Redesig

Client: VKT (Russia)

VKT, a distinguished distributor of consumable and hygiene products in Russia, embarked on a digital transformation that transcended mere business growth. At its core, VKT aspired to establish a symbiotic chain connecting manufacturers to end consumers, underscoring their commitment to value at every link. With this vision, VKT aimed to revamp its brand identity and online presence.


Note: It's essential to mention that although the meticulously designed website was prepared, it did not progress to the publishing stage due to the client's decision.​



Style Establishment

UX/UI Designer

Layout Design

Graphic Designer



The Goal

The primary objective was to elevate VKT's brand identity through an immersive online platform. Beyond aesthetics, the redesign sought to bridge VKT's connection with stakeholders, encompassing manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. By aligning design choices with VKT's core values, I aimed to solidify their industry stature while facilitating seamless digital interactions for all parties involved.


The redesign journey began with a meticulous analysis, evolving from Lo-Fi wireframes into a comprehensive design strategy. The initial VKT website, although content-rich, suffered from design fragmentation. To address this, I undertook a holistic redesign approach, refining visual elements, and harmonizing design components. This process was aimed at creating a more intuitive and engaging user experience.

Final Result

The VKT Website Redesign culminates in a purpose-driven digital interface that embodies VKT's commitment to excellence. The design thoughtfully guides users through VKT's journey, values, and service offerings. By curating design elements, I transformed the website into an engaging experience that effectively communicates VKT's unique contributions to the industry. Its adaptability across devices ensures a consistent experience for users.

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