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WearHealth Brand Guidelines

Client: WearHealth

As this brand was growing rapidly and started involving serious partnerships, it was important to ensure the style applications are established. It is an essential aspect for the company that showcases not just the approach to visual identity design, but also capabilities in terms of copywriting, identity development and brand positioning.



Style Establishment

Graphic Designer



The Goal

The brand already had a registered word mark. My part was to collect the already existing style - name, logo and colours and ensure the proper application of the aforementioned is defined in a clear visual way.


I had to ensure that the tech and innovative style are applied throughout the guidelines. The product had to be fairly simple and readable due to the field of the brand. As the colours were pre-chosen, I suggested the font applications and proper usage of visual elements of WearHealth.

Final Design

The final result consists of the Brand Guidelines Book which can be used for both - print and digital. At the time of the development of this book, the set of icons was not established, nevertheless, as it was added to the brand later, you can get yourself familiar with this and other visual elements here.

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