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Santa Carolina Wine Branding Proposal

Client: Self-initiated


Santa Carolina vineyard is part of Carolina wine brands, one of the leading wine groups in Chile, wants to export its Cabernet Sauvignon to Europe with the denomination of its origin (Valle del Elqui) and wants to give it a name and a completely new, fresh image that demonstrates the quality and reflects its origins.



Style Establishment

Packaging Designer

Graphic Designer



The Goal

It was important to portray the goals and values of the brand, and its origins, and make it understandable to European consumers. The label had to showcase the richness of the region in Chile and establish a subconscious connection with the customers, to ensure them of the quality and trustworthiness of the product


I found my inspiration from the valley landscapes - mountain chain and the fact that the name 'Elqui' means “Narrow Valley” in the local Quechua language, which perfectly sums up to local geography. Upon defining the name, numerous sketches were done which later on resulted in the three best options being digitalised.

Final Design

I went for serif font as it is easily associated with something rich, not just from the financial side but also the quality. Additionally, the brand consists of guidelines showcasing the proper application of its elements. The shape of the label is a recreated shape of the mountains surrounding the region of the brand. To add a sweet touch to it, I proposed the logotype is printed with gold ink.

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