Inside Out

This project has been created as a graduation project for BA Graphic Design at the Budapest Metropolitan University in 2019.

The topic of mental health has attracted the interest of most fields of philosophy, religion, medicine, sociology, bioethics, law, and psychology, among other fields for centuries. I came up with the idea of creating illustrations inspired by the book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat”, written by Oliver Sacks, representing various mental diseases and design posters which will grab people’s attention because the level of mental illnesses has increased gradually in all parts of the world and, in the past few decades, has reached alarming statistical levels.

Getting people to talk about a subject that tends to be taboo and about which many hold mistaken and prejudiced ideas will help the community to learn about the risk factors so that they can identify and learn to address them. 

To bring bigger meaning to my project I decided to dedicate one of the posters to this year’s topic of Mental Health Day (10th of October) - suicide prevention.