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ARGH! Mobile Game Design

Client: Self Initiated Project

ARGH! is a game that takes you through the horrors of being a Designer/Creative through sarcastic humour. This time the Designer can win over the Software, literally outrun the deadlines and beat the client to submission with the good taste.

Group Project



Character Design

Icon Design

UX/UI Layout



Main Character


Age: 24

From: New York City, NY

Occupation: Junior Designer

Underpaid. Ain't we all? Lu is just trying to get from one corner of a dream to the next, you know? If only idiot clients would let her.

The Goal

The goal was to develop a mobile game application which takes you through the design process from start - receiving the project offer, to finish - handing over the work and collecting the payment. Here, we are not laughing at the client but rather showing all the struggles that most people working in a creative field have to undergo on a daily basis. Due to the narrow niche of the game designers, the game was created to relieve daily struggles and acquire the additional motivation to move the projects forward.


It was important to understand the relevance of the game to its target. Therefore, a questionnaire was offered to a target group chosen according to their profession (graphic designers, UX/UI designers, Illustrators and Animators). Upon the results proving the need for the product in question, the research on the characters, as well as the possible lo-fi layout, was made. As soon as the early-stage proposal was approved by the target, we could move to the look and feel of the screen as well as the features that would make the game exciting to the users.

Final Design

The final result consists of the main and secondary characters, the proposal of the possible gameplay and the demonstration of some of the challenges the main character would be facing. Can she manage to deliver the final result while implementing constant changes from the client and paying the bills before she dies under the pile of emails? Who knows. But we do know for a fact that this game is unique and has all the rights to be brought up to life.

Should you wish to take part in implementing this idea into life, I would be happy to have a conversation with you!

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