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Atmos Brand Guidelines

Client: Atmos

Logo and Brand Guidelines have been created for an ambitious project that will be launched in Barcelona in December 2019.

Atmos is a public solution for last-mile package delivery through a QDEV (quick-delivery electric vehicle) connected Smart Point network, similar to that of a public bus network with bus stops. The mission is to cut CO2 emissions by 100 million tons in 36 months.



Team Lead

Logo development

Style Establishment


Graphic Designer



The Goal

The initial project did not have a visual style or even a finalised name. Therefore, the work's purpose consisted of developing the logo, brand guidelines and presentation style which can be used for the official presentation of the product to the stakeholders.


Upon performing the research on the topic and initial sketching, an idea of a different name (“Atoms”) emerged. Upon the first presentation to the client, 3 possible ideas for the logo, including the new name were proposed. Upon evaluating possible logos, the client approve the proposal for the new name and requested using the initial idea without further changes. The following establishment of brand guidelines as well as presentation layout was based on the symbol chosen, representing “Essence”, “Direction” and “Light”.

Final Design

The final execution contains the brand logotype in different colour variations, including the strong symbol, clearly representing the company's idea. Due to the client did not have a pre-defined style, I was given the creative freedom to propose the best brand usage rules possible. The current project did not include custom icons or any other imagery. Therefore, all other visual elements were taken from the initial presentation provided by the client and were being used in the final pitch deck field for visual purposes. The final presentation of the updated visual identity was held for the company owner and its shareholders.

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