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Confidence Wear Brand Guidelines

Client: Confidence Wear

This is a size-inclusive, sustainable, and ethically made swimwear brand. Its mission is to spread confidence, self-love, and body positivity to women through swimwear. It is a local brand established in Bali and is focusing on producing swimwear from local and recycling materials. (To date, Confidence Wear is no longer offering its services due to business insolvency caused by Covid).





Logo development

Style Establishment

Graphic Designer

The Goal

The goal of this project was to represent the beliefs and values of Confidence Wear in a logo, as well as to create the Brand Guidelines, so all the brand components will be used properly.


Upon meeting both co-owners of the brand, it was identified that they have strong ideas of the final result that they wanted to see. Although multiple differences in their opinions created some difficulties for the initial proposal, the traditional Indonesian style was strongly rejected from the beginning.

Final Design

In total three reviews were conducted and the final result was chosen minimalistic, modern version with the main focus on typography. I was given the creative freedom to establish proper brand guidelines. The layout was focusing on the goals of the brand as the guidelines should not only contain direct instructions but also visually showcase the idea. The guidelines were designed for digital usage.

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