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Curio City Identity

Client: Curio City

Curio City is a band that is aiming for a unique vibe of creative freedom and independence from pre-established styles and norms. Their compositions represent Western Grunge and Dark Reggae music styles. It is typical for the band members to jam whenever they have a chance which can result in their new composition. With all mentioned above, the task was to create an album cover which would visually convey the message of creative freedom and their style to the listeners..


Style Establishment

Graphic Designer





In order to be able to execute the job, it was important to fully understand their ideas and goals as a band. Due to I was able to attend their rehearsals and song recording in person, I could quickly understand the possible final result. Upon I drafted the first proposal, the band refused to look any further as they immediately found themselves comfortable with the concept. Upon polishing the design, it was quickly delivered to the client from my side.

Final Design

Due to their music being bold and sometimes unusual, I have decided to implement the same features in the form of bright colours and shapes. As their compositions are floating and smoothly transition between one another, I ensured to add these elements to the visual side of the cover.

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