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FoodTime VKT Brand Illustrations

Client: VKT

As “Foodtime” had to have a solid customer base, it was important to ensure that their presentations are supplied with proper visual elements. The illustrations had to convey the story of the establishment and improvement of the grocery stores following the support of “Foodtime”. All visual elements must have been understandable within less than a second and so, sometimes, to be used without the supporting text.



Style Establishment


Layout Design

Graphic Designer





Throughout the time I was in constant contact with the brand and financial managers of “Foodtime”. Due to they were the individuals behind promoting the product to their target audience, it was important to ensure that they feel easy and comfortable with implementing the visual elements in question into their presentations. Upon the proposal was adjusted according to their preferences, the design was presented to their higher management who approved and accepted the work to be implemented in their company.

Final Design

The final design consists of a set of custom illustrations showcasing the journey of discovering an abandoned store and turning it into a profitable organisation, following the guidance of “Foodtime”. These visual elements were designed to be used within the presentation files, website or any other visual material implemented by the company in the future. Furthermore, a presentation style was developed for “Foodtime”, containing thoughtfully-designed pages which would represent the ideas of the brand in the best way possible.

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