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L'Idem International Animation Summit Landing Page 

Client - L'Idem Barcelona

Every year L’Idem Barcelona is hosting an International Animation Summit where animation students demonstrate their works to specially invited professionals - company managers, job recruiters and further specialists. In order to demonstrate the event as well as to display the necessary information in a clean and proper way, it was important to create a landing page dedicated to this event.

Group Project


Team Lead


Style Establishment

UX/UI Designer

Layout Design

Graphic Designer




A team of 4 designers was created in order to produce the product in question. We were working in collaboration with other teams to develop further print and visual materials which would be distributed throughout the event. Therefore, it was important to ensure all elements are consistent with each other. An initial lo-fi proposal was created using Figma. From my side, as a team lead, I had to ensure all key elements are placed and displayed properly, as well as was responsible for gathering feedback from the client.

Final Design

The final design has been created following the layout of the L’Idem Barcelona website, due to it would be accessed via the aforementioned site. Nevertheless, throughout the entire communication process, the spokesperson from the side of L’Idem was causing numerous delays which resulted in our team being unclear about the specific placement of the material. At the end of the day, no final content was provided, therefore, the website was never implemented. The below version is the latest layout proposal created on WordPress.

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