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Budapest Metropolitan University Identity Proposal

Client: Self-initiated


In my opinion, the current logo is nothing more than an uninspiring “M”. I believe that this private university brand needs a fresh revamp. As it is becoming more and more international, the branding should have a feeling more personalised, allowing the university to be whatever it needs to be for each individual student.



Style Establishment


Visual Mapping 

Graphic Designer




The process consisted of taking proper research to identify the parts of the current visual identity that were lacking. I took what I learned from the competitors while also considering the constraints brought on by the University to develop the clearest and simplest style possible.

Final Design

TMy solution takes to its heart, the aim of the University: For people to say they are proud to be associated with such an enterprising and forward-thinking institution. It consists of the rebranded logotype with multiple colour variations that can be applied to each of the four campuses. Furthermore, I proposed a set of modern icons, as well as promotional posters that could be placed around the city to promote new applicants joining the upcoming programs.

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