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Budapest Puppet Theatre 
Identity Proposal

Client: Self-initiated


The goal was to establish special elements of visual identity in order to celebrate the 70th birthday of the theatre. Logo, posters and other identity elements would be promoted throughout the celebration week, in order to highlight the importance of the event not only by the experience side of theatre but also to upgrade the visual side of this unique event.

Team Project 



Logo Design

Poster Design



posters mockup.jpg


In order to establish the visual elements which would match the style and processes of the theatre, upon brainstorming, our team paid a visit to the institution in question and had a chance to see the processes of creating puppets and operating the play from behind the scenes. Upon getting familiar with the techniques and people working there, our team was able to start brainstorming on the initial element - the logo. Upon the main symbol was identified, it set the direction for all further visual elements.

Final Design

The final product consists of the logo, representing the concept of playful typography. The intention of this was to convey a feeling of happiness and joy, which would be suitable for both kids and adults and would have a special look and feel due to the festive occasion. All further elements - posters and the elements of visual identity are united by bright colours with the implementation of catchy patterns which altogether make the entire visual set cohesive and appropriate for the celebratory event.

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