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FoodTime VKT Website

Client: VKT (Russia)

The brand VKT is a large-scale distributor of consumable and hygiene products in Russia. As a part of their brand, they decided to launch a subsidiary project “Foodtime”. The main purpose of this concept was to open and support a new chain of grocery stores within the country. Their target would consist of all sides of the process - consumers, retailers and suppliers.



Style Establishment

UX/UI Designer

Layout Design

Graphic Designer



VKT WebMockup copy.jpg

Final Design

The final design consists of a landing page, initially design in Adobe XD. It uses a similar colour palette, layout and illustrations developed in the project that can be found here.

The final result was built on Tilda and is being used by the organisation in question to date.


Throughout the time I was in constant contact with the brand and financial managers of “Foodtime”. Due to they were the individuals behind promoting the product to their target audience, it was important to ensure that they feel easy and comfortable with the final execution of the landing page. Upon the proposal was adjusted according to their preferences, the product was presented to their higher management who approved and accepted the work to be implemented in their company.

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